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ISO 8級100,000級無塵室

我們的無塵室已通過國際認證ISO 14644 Class 8,可有效減少灰塵和污染物。


通過實施國際ISO 13485:2016醫用口罩管理系統,我們的生產率和質量控制得到了很好的監控,並保持在最高標準。




1. 定制鋼印

2. 定面布圖案

3. 獨立包裝

4. 彩盒設計


OEM Mask with your Corporate Branding

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ISO Class-8 100,000 Level Clean Room

Our clean room has passed the international certification ISO 14644 Class 8, which could effectively reduce dust and pollutants.

ISO Medical Mask Management System

By implementing the international ISO 13485:2016 medical mask management system, our productivity and quality control are well monitored and maintained to the highest standards.

Our Expertise

With over 40 experienced engineers and highly trained workers working day and night to ensure the quality of the mask are up to the highest standards.

Our Services

1. Customized Logo

2. Customized Graphic

3. Individual Packaging

4. Customized Box Design