About Us


Millions have fallen victim to the worst pandemic the world has seen in decades. Formerly accessible products like face masks and sanitisers have become rare commodities around the world, with prices inflating ten-fold as demand spikes.

2020 has seen our basic needs morphed into mere marketing strategies for profit, and it is in these trying times that “Mask Maker” was founded – to assure everyone’s right to safety. As a group of 4 young people in vastly different industries, we knew nothing of the manufacturing process at the start of our journey. We had no materials, no factory, no workforce, but we had a vision - to curb the effects of the pandemic.

We began in February, dropping our former commitments and working around the clock to learn the specifics, conduct market research and discern our people’s needs to build the brand credibility that we have today.

Now, in July, “Mask Maker”, stays true to its vision by manufacturing affordable, high-quality masks, accessible to all.